WilliamPay is the first project to perfectly combine blockchain and sports guessing, and the application will be used for payment circulation, guessing sharing, NFT issuance and other aspects, bringing technological innovation to the sports industry. The project was first promoted in the five major leagues in the world, and will cover all first division and championship competitions in the future, and has been awarded the title bid of the FIFA 2026 World Cup in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The institutional innovation of WilliamPay is to establish a set of sustainable value-added services, combining personal investment and entertainment, and all currencies will be used in the circulation of the market, in the era of growing sports industry, to ensure sufficient appreciation space. At the same time, the emergence of WilliamPay, pulling into the connection between fans and teams, will promote the rapid development of fan economy in the global sports industry, so that competitive sports are fairer and move to a higher platform.

WilliamPay's entertainment and financial sectors will also sign a partnership agreement with Citibank in Hong Kong, and users will be able to use USDT's global convenience features without worrying about asset management security. The cooperative companies are as follows: Binance, OKX, HUOBI, citi bank, Citibank, east Asia BankofEastAsia, citic international ChinaCITICBankInternational, to provide you with various deposit products, has a traditional yuan demand deposits and time deposits business, Dollar-based foreign currency deposits, highly flexible notice deposits, etc., allow you to effectively manage your personal wealth and enjoy our consistent quality service.

Product advantages:

RMB and up to 10 foreign currency options

Fast and convenient deposit, withdrawal and transfer services

Free withdrawal fee at Global UnionPay ATMs with debit cards (courtesy of WilliamPay)

WilliamPay's first NFT collection has a very important collection value and "enabling value" and a series of products behind it, which play a very high value role in custody finance!

WilliamPay debuts an upgraded version based on a new mechanism that provides initial rewards for original digital assets. Every link around WilliamPay, including community governance, application ecology, etc., is executed by smart contracts to ensure that it is true and cannot be tampered with, so as to obtain users' sustainable benefits and long-term development.

WilliamPay, a European football betting company, is the world's leading football betting company and the compass of the betting world.

Wap, Pay is a digital currency for sports, video games and entertainment, applicable to a wide range of industries with the purpose of facilitating a blockchain production system for sports and entertainment games, Wap, Pay as a payment platform for sports, esports and entertainment.



Eco Pay Token:

Wap Token Information:

Token Name: Wap, total circulation: 100 million:

85% contract output

5% market value management lock position for one year

10% added liquidity


(All the U and Wap participating in the contract pledge are used for investment competition - the remaining tokens are added to the bottom pool - if there is a withdrawal pool, the U is used for the expiring of the contract pledge, and 85% of the total amount of coins directly destroyed is obtained through the pledge contract. There is not a single token outside the pool when it goes live.


 address: 0 x5fe2d2539cf8c8dd04af95541cec227c7623be1a

(Be sure to check carefully to prevent fake contracts)


Trading mechanism

Buy 3%

LP dividend: 3%

Take 5% off

Return bottom pool: 5%


Contract mechanism 

Static income statement:

First-tier custody day yield 0.7% for 3 days

Secondary escrow day yield 0.8% for 7 days

Third escrow day yield 0.9% for 15 days

Level 4 escrow day yield 1% for 30 days


Share the revenue of subordinate teams:

Direct number of intergenerational income description: Income description:

One person gets 8% of the profits of a generation

The two get 8% of the profits of the second generation

Three people get 8% of the profits of three generations

Four people get 8% of the profits of four generations

Five people get 8% of the profits of five generations


Team level revenue

Level team performance Subordinate condition team performance

S130,000 USDT under the umbrella yield 10%

S2.1 million USDT Any two lines S118%

S3.3 million USDT Any two lines S228%

S4.8 million USDT Any two lines S340%

2 million USDT Any two lines S450%

S65 million USDT Any two cables S560%

S710 million USDT Any two lines S670%

Level bonus, level bonus 15%



【WilliamPay】 Look good 

1. The tokens are all in the pool, there are no coins outside

2. Add LP Dividend (USDT)

3. Recommendations are rewarded and evangelistic motivation is high

4. Multi-community Union, Unlimited space


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